Yard sale!

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Social Studies

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Yard sale!

Activity Utilizing our classroom store, students will have the opputunity to play the role of consumers and producers. After the completion of role playing , students will independently complete their graphic organizers. Assessment Questions1. Distinguish between the following terms: consumer and producer2. Identify and explain one advantages and one disadvantage of being a producer.3. List one reason of how purchasing locally can help stimulate economic growth for the community. 4. Name 3 products that were purchased during the yard sale.5. List one product and explain how it helped the consumer to become a producer.6. How did the roles of Mr. Flotsam change throughout the story?

After reading the book Yard Sale!, performing our role play,and completing the graphic organizer, SWBAT explain why incentives may differ for consumers and producers, in writing within 25 minutes.

NJCCCSSocial Studies K-4

6.1.4.C.6 Explain why incentives vary between and among producers and consumers.

Producers: a person or organization that produces goods or services for sale.

Consumer: a person who acquires goods and services for his or her own personal needs.

Consumer: "'I cleaned out my basement and figured I ought to have a sale.' Things were a bit rickety and worn, but the prices weren't bad and everyone left with something they really wanted." (pg. 3)Producer: "... he passed along his produce to Rotelli, who used it at his Ristorante Rotelli, which got a four-star review in the Spudville Standard." (pg. 28-29)

Educational Objective:

Interdisciplinary Lesson:This children's book, Yard Sale!, can incorporate mathematics concepts of addition, subtraction and money.



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