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WW1 blog

WW1, at home and on the front

WW1 started because Serbian hitmen, known as the 'Black Hand Gang' assasinated the heir to the throne of Austria, Franz Ferdinand. Austria retaliated and Germany, being next to Austria and good mates with them helped them attack Serbia. Russia were good mates with Serbia and went against Germany. France wanting to help, went for Germany, as the German army marched through Belguim. Britain looked from across the channel and thought they'd go and give Germany a can of whoopass! So WW1 had started.

Propaganda was used to make people join up for war before conscription (the law to fight) was introduced , it included sayings such as ''your friends are at war why not you'' and ''if you dont fight the Queen will die'', this made the men feel guilt . Some made the public angry towards Germans with such images as Germans bayonetting babies and killing nuns, it made men want to save those nuns and babies and teach Germany not to mess with Britain.

A famous battle known as the Somme was fought in WW1, as the British and French got out of their trenches they were instantly cut down by machine guns. As the two enemies drew closer they used their bayonets as swords to kill the eachother . 13,000,000 men lost their lives only to gain six miles of swamped land . A film was made about it which was shown in British cinemas at the time. It shocked everyone who watched it and made them think differently from what the Government had told them ,that we were winning the war and were close to victory.


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