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Language Arts

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Research Project? Try these tools.

Information Sources on the Web:

created by Sheri Lenzo

1 Searchfor Info

Brainstorm -• Write your ideas• Expand them with details and information from your research.

3Brainstorm& Organize

AutosummarizeWord has a tool that will highlight the main points in your research articles.

• Ask kids

2Find the Main Ideas

Use a webbing or outline tool. You can use paper or the computer.

Ready to WriteTurn your ideas into descriptive sentences & paragraphs.This will give you a First draft to edit.

4 Draft & Edit

Edit - Rewrite - Revise1. Spell check2. Grammer check 3. Use new words: thesaruscontrol + click (mac) or right-click (pc) for a list of synonyms4. Listen (Text-to-Speech) - does it sound good & make sense?

Click on the speaker to learn about Text-to-Speech

• Oak Park Public Library Research Tools

Tools in WORD

Online Note Taking and outline tool

Dabble Board


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