World War I.

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World War I.

Why the 1st World War began?The main cause was the murder of the Austro-Hungarian heir: archduke Franz Ferdinand.To have a deep knowledge about that war, and understand other important causes, you can watch this video.

Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia, due to the murder previously mentioned.Austria-Hungary determined that the proper response to this was to prepare for a possible military invasion of Serbia, with the support of Germany.

Austria demanded that all anti-Austrian propaganda within Serbia be suppressed. Serbia accepted all of Austria’s demands except for one, the Austrian government broke diplomatic relations and began with military measures.

Russia (Serbia's supporter), also began its steps for a military mobilization against Austria.

France and Britain declared war on Austro-Hungary.An alliance/treaty between Britain, France and Russia called the "Triple Entente" brought France and Britain into the war

28th July

28th June

3rd August

29th July

World War I1914-1918

5th August

Germany declared war on France because he was planning to attack Russia, and they knew France would honour its alliance with Russia.

4th August

Austro-Hungary declared war on Russia.

12th August

Using the Schlieffen Plan, Germany invaded Belgium. Because of that, Britain declared war on Germany.

1st August

Due to those alliances, Germany declared war on Russia.



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