William Richardson Davie by Salam

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William Richardson Davie by Salam

William R. Davie

Before the constitutional convention, in 1779 I helped raise a troop of calvarly .Then again 1780 I raised another troop and was I later apointed colonel.

I was qualified to represent North carolina because of my legal knowledge and ability. Also because was the Comissionary-general of the Carolina campaign.

My state is a very small state in the south, but representation should be equal, not based on population.

I'm a Lawyer.

I became Governor of North Carolina in 1798. My career also turned back briefly to the military when President John Adams appointed me as a brigadier general in the U.S. Army that same year. I later served as a peace commissioner to France in 1799.

During the Constitutional Convention I favored plans for a strong central government. I convinced the North Carolina delegation's vote in favor of the Great Compromise. I favored election of senators and presidential electors by the legislature and insisted on counting slaves in determining representation.

I was ranked colonel in the military, and later I helped in the collection of arms and supplies for Gen. Greene's army and the state militia.

I'm a Bo$$!!!!!

I wanted equal representation in the congress ,becasue if it was based on population larger states would have more representatives so we wouldnt get our say.

I also wanted slaves to be counted when determining repreasentation. This was because our state had alot of slaves and it would increase representation in the congress.

I did not sign the constitution, becasue i left before the convention was over.



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