Why? Project

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Why? Project

Tchnology is transforming the way students learn. Because of App technologies students are now innovatively comprehending information while their engagementis being peaked. Teachers are also finding different and creative ways to use social media from research, to communication, book reports, and for different forms of inspiration. Researchers believe that technology is great but must be taught at both the micro- and macro- levels.

Research Shows

Media Literacy

Different industries, states, experts, administration, and etc. say to find the use for technology in the classroom and enforece it with policies and regulation.

Teachers should use the need of the student in the classroom and their developmental needs to drive the use of technology.

Why Technology?

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Meet Julie


This is a future student of mine. She is a social buterfly and thrives when she gets to present her work for an audience. She would much rather create an animoto to share with the class as to writing a paper.

Jamie is a future student of mine. He is shy and prefers to independetly write and submit a written paper and/or work. He also does not have access to technology at home so he does not know how to use it as well as other students within the classroom.

Technology gives teachers the chance to differintiate the learning process to each individual student



Meet Jamie



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