Who needs Literacy and Numeracy?

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Who needs Literacy and Numeracy?

Who needs literacy and numeracy?

Why would I need to learn words and numbers? I'm going to be a football star!

So you are planning on being a professional athlete? Why would you need literacy and numeracy?

How will you be able to read the nutrition table on your food?

What happens if you can't add up the weights you're lifting???

Literacy is simply the ability to read and write!

Numeracy is the ability to read and understand numbers


After looking at these examples, can you think of any other areas in sport you might need literacy and numeracy?Click HERE to post your ideas

QUESTION TIME!Q.1 If you run 5Km/Hour, how far will you run in an hour and a half?Q.2 If you have a 20kg plate on each side of the bar and the bar itself weighs 15kg, how much weight is that altogether?Q.3 If you eat a 200 gram tub of yogurt, and it contains 10% protein, how much protein have you eaten?

AnswersQ.1 7.5KMQ.2 55KgQ.3 20 grams:

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