White Australian Policy!

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White Australian Policy!

Australian's expressing there thoughts of the White Australian Policy.

White Australian Policy

The White Australian Policy was introduced in 1901. As Australian prisoners got declined as Australia needed new people for labour and were looking at repopulating their country. Firstly they turned to China and the Pacifics instead of Europe. As Chinese were first imported to the country they were used for labour and on sheep farms.

As Australia wanted to repopulate, but obvioulsy wanted certain people they made it a lot harder for people to be welcomed into our country. Straight away judging by the colour of their skin, and also by taking many tests including the 'dictation test' would determine whether they were accepted or not.

By introducing this policy Australia was getting what they wanted, a selected new population although it wasn't as easy as it sounds. They obvioulsy wanted to keep there population of one race, appart from the Chinese under the job of labour.

As shown in the on-going video, most Australians felt positive towards this policy of keeping there population of one race. Some people are very strong minded about it, and will not allow for any mixed race to be imported. Many Australians believe the Aborgininals have no right to stay on their ground, as they violate the policy.

Although a lot of Australians agree with this idea of Aboriginals being in there country, as they are native and belong there. In the on-going video an Australian refers to the Aboriginals as 'niggers' he expresses that he wants to 'get rid of the niggers', this is an example of how some Australians treated the native Aboriginals, with very little respect.

This policy went on from 1901 till 1973. Through those 74 years the policy did not change greatly, any mix race had to fight for any right to be accepted into the country and most of the time was not successful. Once the policy ended in 1973, about 20 years later is when it all started to change. As Australia had been known for its 200

years of racism, the slate was now wiped clean. In those 20 years Australia was still all a prodominantly white race country, up until many years later. No other race had been accepted since the Chinese during the policy, and now they were accepting up to 200,000 indo-chinese settlers. Unfortunately some still had no place in this 'new' country.

The 'dictation test' was the well known way of Australians to determine who was allowed in there country or not. It was basically a punctuated test for anyone you wanted to come into their country. A couple of sentences would be called and they would have to write those words on a piece of paper with correct spelling and

This was obviously beneficial for the British, or white coloured people as they had been through an education giving them a solid idea of what was expected. Any mix race people usually didn't get the education needed meaning they had no knowledge of spelling or punctuation. Australians then based who was allowed

punctuation into their country on these tests. Obvioulsy the ones who failed, who were always the darker skinned people where then turned down and not allowed into the country.

Priminister at time ofWhite Australian Policy

Indo-Chinese migrants

Migrants moving to Australia

Opinions on White Australian Policy

The White Australian Policy was one of Australia's lowest racial points but does not reflect on us today.



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