What it take for the job.

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What it take for the job.

Dear Future Employee;The job is not yours yet but if you believe you still have a chance and have passed the qualifications; then congrates you are almost there. Only a few more step you have to take to make up your mind, on weather or not you still want it.Sincerly: Empolyer

[] Be a natural born citizen of the United States.[] Be at least 35 years old[] Have been a resident of the United States for 14 years.

Do you Qualify?

Will You Qualify?Check the boxes if You believe so!

Did you know why we set the President's term to two years?Well because no one wants to be under that much pressure for more than 8 years.

Many of these things are what you need to be an empolyee.

My Qualification:[] Have to be a hard worker.[] Has a way to travel to and from work place.

Roles of President!1. Chief of State2. Chief Executive3. Chief Administrator4. Chief Diplomat5. Cammandor in Chief6. Chief Legislator7. Chief Party8. Chief Citizen

[] Yes [] No

Salary/Pay expenseaccount. Salary would be:$400.00 a yearBudet (so to speak):$50.000-a- year

Yes i am a penguin!

*HAPPY FINDINGS*Dear informe,Thank you for filling out this information, just because you do not posses any of the legal qualification, does not mean you can not posses the ability to be granted as a United States citizen as soon as you can, otherwise if you are, you will be consider for the position.Sincerly; Employer.

Must haves:-Be polite-treat others with respect-Do no bring personal problems into the work area.

1. Symbol of the U.S2. Lives in an enviroment filled with checks and balances.3. Director4. Main Architect of American Foregin Policy.5. Armed Forces6. Main Architect of public policies7. Controls Exe. Branch8. Representative of all the people



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