What is a Digital Footprint

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What is a Digital Footprint

What is a Digital Footprint?

Discover What Your Digital Footprint Says About You

"The important lesson with managing your digital footprint is that everything we do online should represent who we are and what we stand for and we must have the knowledge that this representation will stick with us potentially forever."-The Innovative Educator

A digital footprint is a trail left by an entity's interactions in a digital environment; including their usage of TV, mobile phone, internet and world wide web, mobile web and other devices and sensors. Digital footprints provide data on what an entity has performed in the digital environment; and are valuable in assisting behavioural targeting, personalisation, targeted marketing, digital reputation, and other social media or social graphing services.[1]In social media, a digital footprint is the size of an individual's online presence; as it relates to the number of individuals they interact with.

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