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Have you ever wondered about the “what ifs” in life?What if I fail this test?What if my friend never speaks to me again?What if I say the wrong thing and everyone laughs?The “what ifs” go on forever.We are constantlythinking about the things that can go wrong in life.There is always something holding us back,a voice that makes us second-guess ourselves.But what if there were no “what ifs”?People would take more riskswithout being afraid of not succeeding.We would all follow our dreamsand not be scared of the obstaclesthat may cross our path.We all could accomplish so muchif we just stop thinking aboutthe “what ifs”.It’s not “I can’t”,It’s “why can’t I”?Why can’t I show no fear?Why can’t I persevere in life?We control our lives,not a little thing called fright.We can fight back and do the impossibleif we don’t let the “what ifs” take over our lives. Everyone has potential.Although everything doesn’t come easy,if we work hard our best can be achieved.So I have decided to not let the “what ifs” control me,but it is up to you whether or not they control you.

What If... by Natalie S.

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What If...

26 December 2009 McGee-zine Staff


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