What Did You Say

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Social Studies

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What Did You Say

What Did You Say?

Presidents use their inaugural speeches to let the country know what is in store for them and to demonstrate what they see as important issues facing the country.

Assignment 1:Visit the inaugural speeches site and pick the president that you are most interested in. Read the information about his speech and study the word cloud presented.

Inaugural Speeches

Assignment 2:After reviewing the inaugural speeches site, do some research on the president you have selected. Find out if he met the goals that he mentioned in his inaugural speech. Did he accomplish things that he did not mention in his speech? Why do you think these things occurred? Were his goals reasonable and why? How did his decisions impact the country and the future?

Assignment 3:Using what you have researched and the information from the inaugural speeches site, create a presentation about the president and his accomplishments or failures. You may use any medium you choose to create your presentation. Be sure to include a picture of the president, the years of the presidency, his goals, accomplishments, issues of the times and other related information.


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