West Nic Team Bumble Bee: Wireless Tracker for Kids

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West Nic Team Bumble Bee: Wireless Tracker for Kids

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?Tech used in space but now used on Earth. Tech from N.A.S.A. but now used for other things for us here on Earth.

Ask, Imagine and BuildKids get lost from their parents all the time and parents need a easy way to locate them. If the child does not have a phone, it can take longer and be dangerous. This new spinoff would take the bluetooth from wireless headphone technology, put it into a water proof case and make it a device that can attach to a kid's clothes. Then parents could use it as a tracker and find their kid using their phone!

Design Review

Create your Own Spinoff

Be a Researcher

Evaluate: This was an awesome idea but we discovered that we were able to figure out how to get the bluetooth out, we did not understand how to connecct it to the phone and wire it back to create a signal. Our weakness was in making it actually work.

L.E.D. lights help people see. If it is night time, and you let your dog out you could turn on your lights.

Heart rate monitors can help in schools is students wear them. Teachers can see if students need help by their heart rate.

Parachute systems help by keeping airplanes from having crash landings.


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