Week of April 4th

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ELA PSSA WEEK* Students will test from Tuesday through Friday this week* Monday will be a regular instruction day* There will be NO homework this week* Students will be allowed to bring a healthy snack (peanut/tree nut free) & mints* Please Make sure that your child brings an AR book to read every day, after assessments

4th ELA- PSSA review- Figurative Language & Poetry- Writing: Personal NarrativeSocial Studies: We will not meet for Social Studies lessons this week.

5th ELA- PSSA review- Figurative Language- Writing: Personal NarrativeSocial StudiesWe will continue to read the Chains novel this week.

WEEKLY TESTS/ASSIGNMENTS:Language Arts & ReadingReading: 4/03/17 (Vocabulary, Comprehension Skill/Strategy) Grammar: 4/03/17¿Que tal?/Ahora Magazine: 4/24/17Newsela: 4/03/17*Students will not be assigned homework, or be tested on PSSA days.


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