Week 3-Yost

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Week 3-Yost

Objective: Critically analyze significant issues and contiditions impacting education.

Week 3

Alternatives to YouTube

“Role of technology in the classroom is to support the new teaching paradigm” (Prensky, 2012)

Teachers need to stop lecturing and provide an opportunity for the students’ to learn by themselves while the teachers provide guidance. (Prensky, 2012)

Should we be teaching our students' reading and writing? Is "backup" education necessary?Click here to find out

Youtube has been such a huge sensation to people all over the world. Uploading videos to share news, information, and entertainment has brought a new way of delivering education. This website is not considered one-way communication, rather it is a two-way communication system where people can post feedback, and comments to videos posted. (Prensky, 2012)

Youtube is human communication, in all its forms” (Prensky, 2012)

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Even though we are now in the 21st century, students’ still need to learn how to communicate, comprehend information, and develop good writing skills. (Alber, 2010)

Respect your students, they will respect you



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