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We often talk about how we can incorporate rigor, relevance, and relationships into our schools. And the reality of the world we live in is this: our students are constantly online and connected. Unless we teach them to use available tools safely and responsibly, we are not preparing them for the real world. Can it get any more relevant? We must teach them to be responsible global citizens. What better way is there to build relationships? We must allow them to take what they learn and use their knowledge to create and share new media. Doesn't that sound rigorous? If we aren't teaching our students to be digital citizens in a global world, are we really preparing them for their future?

Twitter is a social network and microblogging service. It allows users to connect and share short messages and resources. It's an amazing tool for quick communication and professional development.

Skype is a free web service that allows users to connect via video conferencing.

This is a glog! It's an interactive online poster.

Read, listen, click, and learn!Read, click, listen, and explore!

A blog is a website where you can share thoughts, ideas, and information. It is a little like an online journal -- posts are listed in reverse chronological order so the most recent items shared show up first.

A wiki is a collaborative web space for organizing and sharing links and information.

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