Washington Water Filter 8th Grade

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Washington Water Filter 8th Grade

My original idea was a water filter that could fit inside pipelines. I wanted it to be adaptable to all wells, but as gained more knowledge on wells, I realized that it would be difficult and that I was way overthining this whole project. So I finally decided on an attachable water filter!

Spinoff technology is basically the future at our fingertips. It takes technology NASA has created to make life in space easier and more comftorable for astronauts, and adapts it so we can use it right here on Earth in everyday life!

Spinoff Technology, What's That?

Design Review

NASA originally created their water filteration system to reuse waste water in space.

Water is a necessity for life. Most humans can't go more than three days without it. When contaminated water is in your body, it can harm or possibly even kill you. Sadly, contaminated water is mainly a problem in third world countries where the people there have dirty water sources or pump wells with "iffy" water. I decided to use NASA's water filteration system and spin it off into a water filter that attaches to the faucets of pump wells. This product not only saves time and money but also the health of your body!

Water Filter, Redesigned!

In my diagram, the filter has five layers to catch debris and throughroughly filter, but in my actual model I only made three because 1) It is really hard to poke holes is transparansey paper and 2) with only three layers I could show much clearer how the filter layers catch things going through.

This is an invention based off of NASA's tech that I loosely based mine on.

Being on an eighth grader's school science project budget, my model is slightly, crudely made. However, I believe that it clearly porrtrays my ideas and in the videos, it is a functioning model, the water comes out clean. It may not be pretty, but it works!

This is an example of pump wells in Africa. Yes, it is much cleaner than what these people had before, but there are still lots of small parasites that can be in this water, that is what I want to fix!


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