Vocabulary Project

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Vocabulary Project

BY: Katie Rountree

Subject Area : .English Language Arts

Teaching Words in Relation to Other Words -Words and their meanings are related to each other especially in specific content areas. - Tier 3 words should not be selected randomly but selected accorning to relation to one another. (Harmon & Wood, 2008)

Vocabulary Instruction- Through our text I learned how important it was to be actively involved in word learning. -I also learned that it was helpful to make personal connections to words-Students should experience meaning of words through multiple forms. (Fisher and Frey, 2004).

Expanding Student Vocabulary- In oder to expand student vocabulary it is important to provide students with dictionaries and thesauri.- Instead of using the same word over and over students can use the mentioned tools to find syntonyms along with antonyms to make their writng more diverse. -This activity will help students progress from just using Tier 1 words to using Tier 2 words. (Fisher and Frey, 2004

Vocabulary Project

Vocabulary Intruction in ELA



Vocabulary is often seen as a very essential part of an English Language Arts class curriculum. When reading a novel or short story I think it would be beneficial for students to identify words that they do not know for themselves so that they can look up the meaning of the word or ask questions about it. It is also a good idea to include SAT and ACT prep words into the weeks schedule and to provide memorable interactive activites with those words.

Teaching Tier 2 words to English students will not only increase reading levels but will also help aid in writing skills. With expanding students vocabulary with more Tier 2 words, students will be able to not only excell in English, but in all content areas.

In English teaching words in relation to other words also tends to be in relation to a particular novel or story. Teaching words in relation to one another can also be done with particular language arts terms such as plot, setting, point of view and theme.


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