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novel set in Winnipeg and northwestern Ontario, Buffie tells the story of 16-year-old Bernice Dodd, whose alcoholic mother, Celia, has put her in a caretaking role she resents. Celia‚Äôs unreliability has left terrible scars on Bernie, her obsessive-compulsive brother, and even her cheerful little sister. When Bernie discovers that Celia has inherited a lodge near Lake of the Woods, she thinks it‚ the best place for Celia to dry out and the family to acquire some financial security.

The place is a mess, however, and despite the help of good neighbours and cash raised by selling a valuable canoe, Bernie can‚ overcome her pervasive distrust of her mother. Her anger touches her new love interest, her siblings, her mother, and all their friends before she‚ willing to look ahead with real hope.

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Viviana Arbe



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