Viviana arbe-gigante egoista

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Viviana arbe-gigante egoista

the selfish giant

Spring came , and only in the Giant's garden was cold. From missing children , the birds stopped singing and the trees stopped blooming. The only happy were the Snow, Frost , the Wind and Hail . " Why does it take so long to get the spring ? " Said the giant sad and lonely . One sunny morning , the giant saw something weird. The children had entered the garden and climbed into the trees, but on the other hand went cold and a child who did not reach a tree wept bitterly .

Every afternoon the children used to go and play the beautiful garden of the giant. "We are very happy ! " He said . But one evening the giant returned , after living for seven years with his friend the Cornish ogre . And saw many children playing in his garden : "Why are you here ? " He shouted and children fled. "This garden is mine ." He built a wall with a sign prohibiting step children no longer had to play.

Author: Oscar Wilde

The tree gave way, but the boy was very young and the giant snapped at him. "How selfish I am! he thought. I'll throw the wall and my garden will be boys " went into the garden , but the children were so frightened that they fled. The little one did not because , tears blinding him . And the giant climbed the tree and the boy held out his arms , surrounded him and kissed him tenderly . Seeing that it was giant bad boys returned with spring, and opened the garden for everyone.

" What about the crying child ," asked the giant. " We do not know his name or where you live ." In the afternoon the children were playing with the giant , but the kid never came back and he sighed sad. Time passed and the aged giant . He stopped playing , but I used to care . A cold morning looked out the window and rubbed his eyes. Under a tree with white flowers , branches of gold and silver fruit , was the child he loved so much.

The giant ran full of joy and when she was at her side , shouted: "Who dared to wound thee? Tell me so I can kill him ! " ' No,' said the child , because they are the wounds of Love." " Who are you ? " Said the giant , a strange fear came over him and knelt before the child . And the child smiled saying, " You let me play once in your garden , now come with me to my garden , which is Paradise ." And when evening came joyful children , found the giant dead under the tree, with a faint smile and entirely covered with white flowers.

Name: Viviana Arbe



Date: 11-7-13



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