Vietnam War Edward Schuhman 3rd hour

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Social Studies

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Vietnam War Edward Schuhman 3rd hour

The doves wanted to end the war and leave vietnam.

Hawks wanted to win the war.

Rolling Thunder failed because the Vietcon could rebuild and they used tunnels.

Search and destroy was not sucessful because the Veitcong were very good at fighting in the jungle.

The 26th amendment allowed Americans 18 and older to vote.

The Tokin gulf resolution allowed the president to keep troops fighting without having it be aproved by congress.

The USS Maddox was an American ship that was attacked by the NVA.

Ngo Din Diem was the dictator of south vietnam that was put in place by the U.S.

The My Lai Massarce is when U.S. soilders killed 450 vietneasess because they though they were Vietcong.



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