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Video Editing

Video Editing and Publishing

Step One: Watch these tutorials which offer basic tips:

For Home: Download Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 Here!

How to Use Windows Movie Maker to Edit

Step Two: Be sure to follow these guidelines while editing your PSA:*must follow your script and storyboard (you may edit your script/storyboard to match, if necessary)*must be between 30 and 90 seconds*must not include ANY copyrighted material without express permission from the publisher

Public Domain Resources


Step Three: Submit your video in a privately viewable format. Suggestions:*Upload to Edmodo*Upload to GoogleDocs and share the video with Ms. Thompson (ask me for my gmail address)*Upload to a private Youtube account and share the video with Ms. Thompson (ask me for my gmail address)*Burn to a CD/DVD

Step Four: Submit your script and storyboard to Ms. Thompson, if you have not done so already.

-Click below for images and sounds that are safe to use under public domain:

How to Convert a .mov Video File to .wmv

Click: Password-Protected Tutorial!


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