Value of Nonfiction

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Value of Nonfiction

Value of Nonfiction

Choosing Nonfiction Mentor Texts-deliver information, explain, argue and demonstrate-familiarize students with high quality non-fiction literature-allow students to make decisions about how they will deliver and present information -create an energizing sense of freedom/ownership-serve as a catalyst to write about a topic or imitate the form, voice of author-provide clearer picture of our muliticultural society and distinctive voices can be heard

Mentor texts are pieces of literature you and your students relate to, fall in love with and return to for many different purposes

Your Turn Lesson*Hook*Purpose*Brainstorm*Model*Shared/Guided Writing*Independent Writing*Refection

Works CitedCappelli, L. R. (2009). Nonfiction Mentor Texts. Portland, Maine: Stenhouse Publishers.

AnalysisWhen teachers use Your Turn Lessons it will help refine the students thinking skills and organize their ideas and understandings about the world.



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