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US Syllabus 2015/2016

Bay View High SchoolUS History 2016/2017 Sem 1Mrs. Halsey

During and after completing United States History I, you will know the following:>The general reasons for migration that motivated the first non-Indian explorers to North America>Religious and political conflicts in Europe led to the colonization of the Americas>The geographic, economic and social factors that influenced the way of living in the colonies>African Americans became important to the colonies’ economic development, yet were denied participation in the mainstream of colonial life.>The Declaration of Independence established the principle of government by the consent of the governed.>The framers of the constitution created a flexible document capable of adapting to major changes in American society>Social and political differences led to the formation of the nation’s political parties>The concept of “Manifest Destiny”>The idea of compromise is important to the democratic process>The Civil War resolved several issues that divided the nation>The power struggle between the Executive and the Legislative branches

Essential Question 1st Quarter:How did the European conquest of North America transform the indigenous people, institutionalize African Slavery and ultimately lead to an independent and democratic United States?Units* Native peoples*Three Worlds Collide*Development of the Colonies* Revolution!*Foundations of a Government and a Nation

Supplies* Something to write with* Loose leaf paperIn case the server crashes or we don't have access to the ChromeBooks*A Flashdrive (optional)* Your text (Not Optional)

Welcome to Halsey's US History.During this semester we will be covering from colonialism through the causes of the Civil War.

Essential Question 2nd Quarter:In what ways was the Civil War inevitable?Units*Westward Expansion* Innovations and Inventions* Early Reform Movements* Causes of the Civil War

Expectations* Be on time, in your seat, with supplies - when the bell rings* Cheating, copying and plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment and a referral. Your overall grade will be reduced by 25%.* Respect - to me, yourself, your peers, guests and the belongings of others.* Electronics at inappropriate times will be confiscated.

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