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Date: Dec. 25 to Jan

Portugal Christmas traditions


Description: family's and neighbors go out Christmas caroling or called the Janeiras(kan-er-ous) in Portugal. People go around there neighborhood and around town singing and playing their instruments about the important events of the year with humor and happiness.

Reward: The singers are reworded by the family's with nuts chocolate etc.

Christmas Madeiro (ma-der-o)

When does it happen: Christmas Eve/ every year

Descriptions:On Christmas Eve outside of the church, they take extra Christmas trees and set them on fire. Sadly this tradition stopped in 2004 but they light little fires now and people go to chat with there friends or sing songs when they come out of midnight mass

Why they did this: They used to do this tradition to "warm Jesus's feet." About 95% of them are catholic so this is what they believe

Description 2:The trees would not be extra trees, they would be stolen trees. People who are just about to be in the military go into people's houses and take the Christmas trees. They do not get arrested or in trouble because it's a town tradition and want them to do it. If they get caught taking the trees then the have to pay for them with there own money. The burning of the trees are done after or during midnight mass.



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