Unsent Letter

by Fraygo
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Unsent Letter

Breanna’s “unsent” letter:Dear Mr. Ferry, you were my favorite teacher. I remember in the 5th grade, you yelled at me for lying about my scores on my accelerated reading test. Now every time I read a book, I think back to that day and laugh. You made me feel bad about myself and after feeling that, I felt as if I needed to change. Thank you for doing that.Dear Joshua Prince, in the 4th grade, I remember seeing you sitting at the lunch table and eating you food all by yourself. I really wanted to walk over there and sit and talk with you, but I didn’t because I didn’t want my friends to think that I was weird. I’m sorry for not doing that. You were all alone most of our elementary school years and I should have been you friend. Dear Jordan Roberts, I really liked you back in the day. You were one of the cutest white boys I have seen to date. The only reason why I never had a conversation with you is because at the time, I was best friends with you sister, Anna. I wish I would have talked to you. Dear Jermaine McFee, you and I go way back!!! I was so mad when you moved to New York in 2008. You and your best friend, (whose name I forgot) were so cute in the 5th grade. It’s amazing how much you’ve both grown!!! All I can say is that I wish you the best in the future and don’t let anything get into you guys’ way. Thanks for all the help you’ve two have given me.Dear Zaynaya Bady, girl….. I’ve known who you were since the 8th grade. People would always talk about Zaynaya. It was Zaynaya this, Zaynaya that. I would always say who is this girl that everyone talks about? Now I know who you are. You are an amazing girl who has helped me spiritually and mentally. I remember in the summer of 2011, I called you to ask a question about Jesus and Heaven and you definitely helped me out. I know that once you are gone and you soul has drifted to Heaven (it’ll be before mine, get it? Because you’re older?) you’ll be rewarded greatly. Thank you for all the advice you’ve given me.Dear Amy Quintero, now you have really been there for me. I remember in middle school I hated you so much! (I know it sounds harsh). You’ll probably remember this, I know you remember this. I was in love with Devante Marsalis and you went out with him!!! I was PISSED, but soon got over it. I realized that it was just a stupid crush. Years passed and I forgave you. You have been the funniest, happiest person I have encountered. I remember when we were going to Grand Valley together, we were so happy!! Now we’re going to be split apart.  I’m really going to miss you and I thank you or helping me get by. I love you sis!!!



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