Unit 1 Academic Vocabulary 2

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Unit 1 Academic Vocabulary 2

Unit 1 Academic Vocabulary

Paste these definitions into your writing composition book.

Opinion: personal feeling, what you think

Fact: statement that can be proven

Summarizeretell the action of the story in a few sentences, include the setting, characters, and plot

Word Wall

ThemeMain MessageWhat is the lesson of the story? How does it relate to you?

Author's PurposeWhy did the author write? to entertain? to persuade? to inform?

InferInferenceSomething that is not directly stated in the story

Prefixadded to the beginning of a word to change the meaning

Suffixadded to the end of a word to change the meaning

Hyperbole - exaggeration Jargon - certian words that relate to a specific professionRepetition - repeating a word or sound to create a pattern in writing

Author's CraftFlashback - interrupts the plot to tell something that happened in the past

Analyze use text details to understand the story better

Point of View -Who is telling the story? 1st person - the character3rd person- the narratorMetaphor - comparison of two unlike things

Predict use text details to make inferences



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