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Why should I jump on THIS bandwagon?Moodle has many wonderful uses in today's classrooms! It allows teachers to present students with multimedia and multimodal learning experiences. It allows for storage and sharing of resources for students to review inside or outside of class, or as a way to "catch up" students who were absent. This enables students of varying abilities and interests to learn at their own pace. Moodle offers a solution to challenges in class organization and time management. Students receive immediate feedback to assignments in Moodle, and the teacher is no longer tied down to endless grading. Moodle makes it easy for the teacher to convey expectations to students and to maintain their interest through collaborative and inquiry-based assignments. Be sure to watch the videos posted on this page as they give more details about the benefits of Moodle as seen from more experienced and knowledgeable users of the software.

Try Moodle!

Watch this quick introduction from

I don't have TIME for ONE MORE GREAT IDEA!!!The beauty of Moodle is that it will SAVE you time! Yes, there may be a small learning curve as you first start with the software, but the time saved in grading papers, finding materials for students who were absent, or running off copies of resources for students will more than make up for the time invested. Add to this the ability to effortlessly comunicate with parents and the ability to share resources with members of your class, and the value of this tool is immeasurable.

This video is of eighth grade social studies teacher Molly Tipton describing how she uses Moodle in her classroom.

What in the world is Moodle?Moodle is an Open Source software package for producing Internet-based courses and web sites.

For more information on Moodle,please visit their website,


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