Trip to the Heard Museum

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Trip to the Heard Museum

Adventure Awaits




My 'wow' moment was when I was looking at what seemed to be a chair. I heard a Native American man tell his girlfriend that his grandfather actually rebuilt that chair and there is a few amount of people that know how to do that because it is a sacred thing. Sadly I could not find a picture of the chair but I promise you it was a beautiful and intersting chair.

The only challenge for me was that this museum is located in Downtown Phoenix and there is a lot of homeless people and personally I do not know how to act around them. I feel like I should be careful because I need to protect myself but at the same time I feel like I should show them compassion.


The way I can connect my experience to a culturally diverse child in a classroom which is not diveres is that they would feel out of place, awkward,and unwelcomed in the classroom. It is up to the teacher and that child's peers to be understanding and patient towards that child because maybe this is something know for them and it is going to take some time to get use to this new environment.

When I entered this room there was a DJ and load music with a photo booth and there was others gathered around having a great time. When I entered the room I felt awkward and out of place because everyone else who was having a blast was just looking at me, I tried to participate but there was still this weird tension. My friends did not want to go into this room because they could sense that I was being looked down upon. I left shortly after I felt weird, it was a negative experience for me.


My Experience


I went to the Heard Museum on First Friday with some friends to see and experience of the Native American art that is available here. I did go for a class I had in the Fall of 2014 but I took away so much from the little time I was there.


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