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Thinking and language forum

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Why incorporate higher thinking skills into your lessons?A teacher can develop reasoning, discussion and creative thinking in their students as well as they may learn in a cooperative way (Alicia)The goal of the activity is to relate and connect Art and Music. It is very important for me to make students contextualize History of music with its period (Susana)The best way to understand history, and to like history, is to analyze... [why events happened and evaluate whether political choices were right or not] (Fernando)

Developing thinking skills forum

I would seat them in groups of four, with different roles in the group and they should work together, helping each other and trying to achievet the results they are expected to.(Prado)I think a combination of boths HOTS and LOTS is important. HOTs are more challenging since it´s a pratical way of putting into practice hte studetn´s learning and as many other colleagues have mentioned: CREATIVE THINKING! (Sara)I think that it's really important to make students think in an autonomous way and be able to apply the contents they have learned in class. They should be able to do a research about a topic and then reflect about some aspects and come to conclusions.(Noelia)

Learning encompasses a broader meaning than just memorizing or mechanizing a procedure. Our goal as teachers is that the student is about what he is seeing, what he asks if he has or what he can do, investigate and carry out the practice of the knowledge acquired in class. (Rosa)

LOTS vs HOTS I think it would be useful to confront them with practical situations in which they have to solve practical problems, produce their own ideas and to take decisions by themselves.(Angel)

Go beyondWhen I teach about water, food or mineral and etnergetic resources, I always try to show the different distribution between countries and this arise a lot of very interesting questions about politics, economics and environment. (Angel)They can be really creative when they have the time, the tools and the motivation! I didn´t ask them to work at home but they did it because they were engaged with the task.(Elena)

How do you develop your students' thinking skills?

Working in groups

This is what it 's about!


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