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How can you incorporate more thinking skills into your lessons?I also try to encourage them to use thinking skills (specially hipothesize, wondering about things that might happen, etc.) and above all, experiencing by themselves the different social situations.(Teresa)Incorporating tinking skills is a key factor to have success with CLIL. And for me, a good way to start is reformulating questions and helping students to solve them instead of just providing the solution.(Erika)

Thinking and language forum(Module 2.2)

Gives learners more speaking time, allows them to mix with everyone in the group and the most important, it allows me to move around the class and listen to the language they are producing and try to help them (Begoña)Frames or useful language can be written on the board or given on a handout to help Ss interact in English.(Nelson)In my classes I try to group people with different levels, because they need to get used to work in teams with every kind of people. (J.Ramon)

I would like them to develop new solutions, where possible, more efficient than mine. It is my way to challenge them, as they have to find out another solution and besides that, try to improve my solution. (Begoña)

LOTS vs HOTSLower order thinking skills don´t involve very complex thinking: labelling a diagram, answering, and learning by heart. LOTS set the context for subsequent HOTS(Gabriela)

Assessment I don't only assess this result, I assess all the process, they have to prepare lots of documentation to achieve the video, and they have to develop all kind of thinking skills to do it correctly (from LOTS to HOTS, because it implies ordering, classyfing, analysing, creating...). I want them to understand that the result is totally linked to the process (J.Pablo)

How do you develop your students' thinking skills?

Working in groups

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