Thermawing Greenhouse (Thermabed)

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Thermawing Greenhouse (Thermabed)

List the ideas that you came up with:-Put thermawing under a driveway-Put thermawing in a door-Put thermawing under a greenhouse This is the idea we wanted to stick with. Taking the agricultural side really stuck out to us because we thought this would really help getting fresh produce in many conditions and seasons. Also, we didn't have much experience with agriculture so we knew that we would learn a lot choosing this topic.Describe your Spinoff idea and the problem it solves.Our idea is to make a thermal greenhouse using NASA's thermawing. This will allow plantlovers and farmers to grow their vegetables and vegitation during cold conditions.

Be a Researcher

Create your Own Spinoff

Design Review

We think that spinoff technology is "taking a piece of previously invented technology and putting it into everyday life."

Design ReviewOverall, this design should help plantlovers and farmers keep their plants alive in cold weather. This design will allow plants to live in the winter-like seasons. We hope this our thermabed is used by people that help make their lives easier. We like our design because it is not expensive: it uses items that don't cost that much (metal and graphite foil are very cheap). Something that we would change about our thermabed is that it's not easy to attach to the greenhouse. You would have to dig under three feet to put the thermabed there and not everybody has time for that...

How does thermawing work?Thermawing was specifically designed for airplanes. It uses a pulsed power technique, the science and technology of building up energy and releasing it very quickly. This activated each heating strip in sequence over a 60s cycle. Once armed, the system will activate at 41°F starting the de-ice cycle. The leading edge is kept warm, continually melting ice, or simply, "runs wet.”  It also uses graphite foil to instantly shed ice.Our diagram:This diagram displays where the components of thermawing is located in our thermabed. The graphite foil would be located in the heating pad, the heat conducting components would be found in the metal. The sheet that protects the wing from burning is found in the sheet of metal closest to the soil.

What was the hardest part of this challenge?Although it got easier towards the middle, at the beginning, reasearching was really hard. Most of the websites we found were advertisements for aircrafts.

Thermawing in action

How thermawingcompares to thermabed


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