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I did my poem on call to dutyCall To Duty Print friendly version E-mail this poem to e friend Send this poem as eCard Add this poem to MyPoemList On the wind the voices of man cry outoffering their souls to the midnight skystars stand still and drums beat to the pulseof the blood flow in my veinsSmoke fills the circle and light dances aboutblessing every knowing face on their kneesand I feel nothing and hear no onestanding near their motioning handsAncestors gather in shadows near the tall treesand the wild dogs sing sonnets to the moonone figure approaches...summons me by my namesand I step forward slowlyHeat rises to the cold heavens warming their handsand fire snaps and cracks like ice in thaweyes wide opened I see nothing and know only blackhe speaks but I do not listenThe faces contort and mangle and whispers aboundand he who calls the names is silent... I have not come to bend on ceremonious wavesI am stand in the flames Israel Trouillefou

I did my interview on Blake Shields. His favorite color is green, his favorite movie zombieland, his favorite book outsiders

I did my how to on how to hold a controller. How to place you fingers and how far it will get you on just the proper way to hold it

I did my childrens book on a story called zoology, a book that only had 5 pages. I choose this book because it was simple and easy

I did my informational speech on In Fear and Faith and my main points where who are they, whats there history and what there doing now, and also there future.

I did my persuasion speech, on paying for your CD's and not downloading them. This causes bands, and people who make the movies and games to loss money



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