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Manchurian Crisis

Just after the first world war, Japan was the greatest nation in Asia, and more powerful than China, they relied on their exports of rice and silk, but mainly silk, . As the Wall Street Crash in America was at its worst the U.S.A could no longer buy imports from Japan and neither could many other countries which were also affected by the depression. Japan's economy was in a state of pandemic and their population had risen dramatically. They needed resources fast so they looked to invading other countries. Some japanes politicians thought they should stay put and become self sufficient but the militarised government had other ideas. They owned part of the Manchurian Railway, the southern bit, Manchuria is to the Noeth East of China and the South East of Russia and both countries had argued over it for years. In 1933 there was an explosion on the Japanese part of the railway and the Japanese took this as an attack from China, and marched into Manchuria to 'defend' the railway. They continued to invade China and reached as far as Shangai . The league of Nations sent Lord Lytton to investigate the situation and he found that Japan was in the wrong, he reported back but the League weren't prepared to act, they didnt want to send an Army and Japan left the league, and that was that, another failure for the League Of Nations.


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