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Colons are used for many things in sentences.1. Creating a list in a setence2. Quoting someone or something or statting a long statement3. Used before a statment that clarifies what the first half meansColons all together make sentences smoother to read and allow the paragraph to flow nicely. Usuing colons will make your writing look professional and clean.

Use of a colon: #1

Lists are made all the time and to make them appear to be more put together, a colon is used. When using a colon while making a list, remember that the list always follows the colon.EXAMPLE: 1. My grocery list is as follows: milk, eggs, and butter. 2. The chores needed to be done include: wash the dishes, do the laundry, and fold the clothes.


Use of a colon: #2

Use of a colon: #3

Sometimes when using a colon, you use it quote someone/something or give a long formal statement.When using this, always remember the rule! The quotation or statement comes after the colon. Also remember that when quoting something, you use a colon when it is more than 6 words! EXAMPLES: 1. She stopped the crowed to announce: "I just want to let everyone know that Oliver and I are engaged. We're just so elated to spread the news." 2. Vladmir Nabokov, Lolita: Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul.

With the colon, there are rules to follow! Always remember that the thing you're adding onto the senetence (such as a list, quote or long statement, or to clarify the first half of the sentence) remember: use a colon to mean: Note What FollowsEverything added onto the sentence must follow the colon and not come before.

When using a colon, most of the time the following sentence is added to clarify what the first sentence meant or to add detail. Use a colon when the second sentence is similar to the first and adds more to the first. EXAMPLE:1. She had written her paper: it was due tomorrow morning. 2. Her mom had left her a list of chores: she had finished them in an hour.



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