The Use and Possession of Tobacco should be Prohibited in Canada

by Anjalli
Last updated 2 years ago

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Prohibiting the Use and Possesion of Tobacco in Canada

“Tobacco causes about 37, 000 deaths each year and is the leading cause of preventable death.”

Prevent your lungs from molting, stop smoking!

“The life cycle of a cigarette creates a lot of pollution” we’re polluting it ourselves by having the power to grow tobacco plants and disposing cigarette butts/packaging in the streets.”

“Farmers in some undeveloped nations grow tobacco until the soil is useless and then clear-cut forests for fresh land. In those areas, 600 million trees are felled and burned annually to dry and cure tobacco leaves.”

“Tobacco kills more people in Canada than all deaths caused by traffic accidents, suicides, murders, and drug abuse combined.”



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