The Southern Colonies

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The Southern Colonies



Resources 1. Southern colonies packet2. S.S. Textbook


Vocabulary Words

Fact 1 The colony of Maryland began when King Charles the 1st gave land to lord Baltimore who was CatholicFact 2 Lord Baltimore hoped to make Maryland a refuge for CatholicsFact 3 In 1649 the Toleration act was passed.It was the first law in North America to promise that all Christans could worship freely

Fact 1 In 1729 Carolina became 2 colonies North Carolina and South CarolinaFact 2 The southern part had good farmland and excellent harborsFact 3 The northern part had few harbores and was not as good for farming.It grew more slowly than the southern part of the colony

The Carolinas

Fact 1 King George the 2nd started another colony to keep the French and Spain away from South CarolinaFact 2 James Oglethorpenamed his land Georgia to honor king GeorgeFact 3 Oglethrorpe wanted Heorgia to be a place for poor people and debtors

Fact 1 Virgina was the largest and wealthiest English colonyFact 2 When colonists realized there was no gold in Virgina they started plantationsFact 3 Many plantations owners became wealthy by growing and selling cash crops such as tobacco and rice

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