The Songhai Empire

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The Songhai Empire

The Songhai Empire

Trade ' EconomyThe economy of Songhai was much like the economy of Mali and Ghana. They relied on trade and the taxes on trade. The Songhai empire traded many items including: Gold, Kola nuts, and slaves for cowries, cloth, and salt.

ArchitectureThe architecture of Songhai was also very creative and innovative. Most buildings were small and did not take up much space. They were made of stone and included many Islamic and African features.

ArtThe art of Songhai was very unique and creative. Songhai people expressed art through sculptures, dances, sports, books, clothing, and music.

TechnologyThe technology of Songhai was very strong. They had advancments in tools and weapons. This allowed them to build bigger buildings and conquer more lands.

Government ' Social StructureThe government of Songhai was more centralized than Mali's. They had two great leaders in Sunni Ali and Askia. The empire was split into 5 provinces and each province had its own leader and court. The social structure was similar to Mali's with the high nobles on top and the slaves on the bottom.

ReligionThe people of Songhai happily accepted Islam. Islam was used as a unifying force to keep the people of Songhai together.


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