The Other Wes Moore Poster (Sarah Holcombe)

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The Other Wes Moore Poster (Sarah Holcombe)

The Other Wes Moore

The book "The Other Wes Moore" is about a man named Wes Moore who found out about another man that has the same name as him who was put in prison because of attempted murder. When Wes Moore finds out more abou this situation, he realizes he is a lot similar to the other Wes than he thought. He talks about how both of their lives are very similar, especially in their childhood, and explains how it went a different direction when they got older.

In the book, their are many important people that contributed on how both of the Wes Moore's lives went. Their's the author Wes Moore, and in the story he mentions his little sisters Nikki and Shani. The Other Wes Moore has his mother, Mary, and his big brother Tony, and his best friend Woody. All these people influenced where the Wes Moores' lives are at right now.

The book "The Other Wes Moore" is a really good book for young and older people to read. This book could help someone to consider their decisions in life and possibly change them for the better. This book could even change a motive in YOUR life and possibly have another outlook on how you want to live your life. Buy this book today, you won't regret reading something as inspiring as this one.

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