The League of Nations.

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The League of Nations.

What? The League was set up to stop future wars from happening and to keep the peace around the world. It was set up after WW1 and Germany was not allowed to join at first.

Who?The League was arranged by Woodrow Wilson (president of America during WW1) Britain and France were the main members with David Lloyd George representing Britain and some other guy representing France. Even though the president of America arranged the league the USA did not join as it was put to vote and it was voted against. Italy and Japan were also members and Germany joined later on. The league split at the start of WW2, and no wars had been succesfully stopped.

The League of Nations.

When?The League was set up in 1918 but failed in 1933 when Hitler came to power and it was apparent that the league could not stop wars.

The League was based in Geneva, Switzerland, because this countire had no army and was the most peaceful country in the world as they had never been in any wars.All the league members would meet up and discuss problems around the world. Where?

Why?The League was set up so that all nations around the world could meet up and explain to the council what thier problems were, if one nation was at anothers neck then the league could succesfully extinguish the turmoil. In Wilsons eyes, it would ensure future peace around the globe.


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