The Kite Runner

by JGolka
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The Kite Runner

Digital Storytelling

I choose to represent this text with the artist role because I believe that sucess and failure can be expressed easliy throughout visuals. In the novel "The Kite Runner", the characters are successful and do fail.

The novel "The Kite Runner" is based on Amir and his life. He is forced to move from his wealthy atmosphere in Afghanistan to America due to military invasions. The novel begins with his childhood in Afghanistan with his is known as a coward and has situations he regrets. Throughout the novel Amir is forced to deal with his past in order to complete his family friend Rahim Khan' task.


The Story about ...

Why ?

Baba is successful when he builds an orpahnage. Page 16 "Baba decided to build an orphange.."Amir succeeds when he wins the kite fighting contest. Page 85 "We won! We won!"Amir gets married and prepares to start a family Page 236 "That is also the year that Soraya and I began trying to have a child.."


In this video clip it shows the fight between Amir and Assef. Assef orders that the two to fight to the death. Page 368 "When it's all done, only one of us will walk out of this room alive.." Amir's goal is to leave with his nephew Sohrab. He is successful with achiving his goal but he fails to win the fight by himself. Page 372 "The slingshot made a thwiiiit sound when Sohrab released the cup."

Baba's Orphanage fails after the destruction of the war. Page 322 "We found the new orphanage in the northern part of Karteh-Seh..."Amir fails to catch the kite he cut, he sends Hassan after it. Page 86 "Hassan! I called. Come back with it!"After a year of trying for a child Amir and Soraya discover they are not able to naturally have a child. Page 238 " It was called 'Unexplained Infertility'".





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