The History of Rock

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The History of Rock

ROCK MUSIC EMERGED in the early 1950s. Before rock and roll truly came along, there was nothing like it existing. Back then, rock music was much softer and less loud. Some people even call it 'Flower Rock.' Yet the new, emerging rock music was a combination of gospel, country, blues, jazz, and R&B, giving it a unique sound and interesting mood. Due to the fact that it appealed to teens, many parents did not support the loud, blaring music that their kids listened to. Nonetheless, the whole world knew that rock music was here to stay.

Rock History

THROUGH THE YEARS, rock music was enountered by many different countires. The United Kingdom in particular, was greatly impacted by rock music. Some of Rock's most influential bands came from Great Britain. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones . . . almost everyone has heard of them, and still, they impact rock music today. Still, The Beatles were not the end of the British reaction. Rock sparked an immediate appeal to youth in the country, and teens were starting their own bands and were soon able to play in small pubs or clubs. Even though they didn't have top-the-charts hits, their music was greatly enjoyed by all.

THE ROLLING STONES are one of the more widely known rock bands of this generation. It's difficult to come by someone older than ten who hasn't heard of them before. They were one of the most influential bands of the time, consisting of Mick Jagger, lead vocalist, Keith Richards and Brian Jones, both who were guitar and vocalists, Dick Taylor, bassist, Mick Avory, drummer, and Ian Stewart, keyboardist. The Rolling Stones had a lot of popular songs, including "Gimme Shelter", "Paint It Black", and "Miss You."

The British Reaction


The History

The Rolling Stones

Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Fortunate Son"


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