The Great Southern Land of Antarctica

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The Great Southern Land of Antarctica

The Great Southen Land of Antarctica

By Kyah and Shelby

Who goes to Antarctica?Lots of people want to go to Antarctica,these include workers,tourists and scientists.

Workers There are lots of workersin Antarctica . Some of the workers are chefs,drivers and guides.The Chefs are used to cook food for scientists. The drivers are used for the vechicles. The guides are used for guiding the tourist

TouristsTourists come to Antarctica to see the animals , to see the amazing ice bergs and to see the amazing lava in Antarctica.

ScientistsScientists come to Antarctica because they want to study the animals, they want to study how Antarctica works and they want to study why Antarctica is so cold and dry.

What Elephant seals look like Elephant seals are the largest seals in the world. The male has a trunk and the female does not. Elephant seals have thick coarse hair and scaring around their neck. The colour of the elephant seal is silver,grey or brown/grey. They are very fat,with blubber.

Elephent sealsThere are lots of types of animals in Antarctica. These include king pengens, orcas and lots of other ones.

DietElephant seals eat squid and fish. Normally they eat squid with fish.

HabitatElephant seals live in Antarctica. They swim in the subanantarctic waters. Most of the time they spend their time at sea.

There are lots of interesting facts about Antarctica.

When Was The Treaty?Antarctica's first current treatywas signed in 1959 by 12 countries. That means not one country owns Antarctica. 12 countriesmake decisions because the countries thought it wasn't fair.

FactsThe highest mountain in snowy Antarctica is Mount Erebus it is really tall.Do you know how tall it is?But it's huge cool right. Penguins only live in the Southern Hemisphere and polar bears live in the Northern Hemisphere. The nearest ocean to Antarctica is the Southern Ocean.

TemperatureThe coldest temperature ever recorded was at the Russian Antarctic station of Vostok. It dropped to -89.6 degrees celsius

Where is Antarctica?Antarctica is the highest,driest,coldest and windiest desert. Antarctica's water is 32 degrees celsius the water freezes at 0 degrees celsius very cold right. The salty freezing waters are 28.8 degrees celsius and freezes at 1.8 degrees celsius.

Interesting FactsDid you know that the South Pole is at the bottom of the Southern Hemisphere?In Summer the sun shines all day and all night. In Winter the sun does not shine at all. In Antarctica it is very windy. When the wind blows it makes the air colder.In Antarctica there is no water for animals or people to drink.

RainfallIn Antarctica rainfall is highlyseasonal. It rains about 11% more in winter than summer. Antarctica is considered a desert. The average atmospheric conditions over long time periods weeks,years,months.

What is Antarctica?Antarctica is in the Southern Hemisphere. The nearest continent to Antarctica is South America. Some areas of the ocean are over 3000 metres and the cold waters are very deep.

FactsThe mountains in Antarctica are really tall. They are as tall as a giant how cool


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