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The Giver

Beginning: Jonas notices that he sees color. He also doesnt want the baby, Gabe to be "released" which means to be killed.

My connection:When Jonas likes having emotions because I like having emotions too.

End: Jonas realized that he didnt want to live in a world that had no color or emotions. So if Jonas crosses the dome around the country every one would have emotions and see color. So he did.

After book prediction: I think that everyone will be shocked at what happened and i think that Jonas will either go to jail or be a legend.

The GiverBy:Lois Lowry

My oppinion:I thought the book was really meaningful. I had tothink alot. I also think its really futuristic.

Characters:Jonas,Gabriel,The giver,and the peace keepers

Would you tell a friend? Yes I would tell a friend.

Middle:Jonas recived his job as the reciver of memory. He soon learns that the job he was given was too much to handle. He began to feel pain, hapiness, and anger.


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