The Effects of WWII

by AudraT
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Economic Effects of WWII

Social Effects of WWII

Political Effects of WWII

During WWI women began to take on more responsibility. This happened even more in WWII as while the men were fighting the women became nurses and worked on the farms and in factories.

After the war the United States and the Soviet Union became the two leading global powers - the superpowers

The war caused Britain massive debts - especially to America

Much of Britain had been destroyed due to German bombing, so lots of house building was required after the war.

The Nazis killed over 6 million jews during the Holocaust

British aircraft and munitions industries grew by a large amount to cope with the high demand

Japan, who had become allies with Germany was in ruins after severe bombing.It was temporarily placed under American control.

There was lots of rationing e.g. petrol, food etc. The government put lots of pressure on the people to grow their own food and be self-sufficient. No waste.

After the war it was rare to find a family who hadn't been affected by the war in any way at all.Families were devastated and millions of loved ones were lost.


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