The Crucible Movie (English Project)

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The Crucible Movie (English Project)

The Main Characters

John Proctor, a farmer who is married to Elizabeth Proctor and is the former lover of Abigail Williams. More in depthly shown in the movie, Abigail acuses his wife of witchcraft in the hope of regaining his love after Elizabeth is executed.

Abigail Williams, a niece of Reverend Samuel Parris. In real life she was 11, but in the play/movie she is 17. She and around five other girls were seen dancing/preforming voodoo with Tituba and was initially accused of witchcraft. She continually accusess other girls in attempts to remove suspicion off of her.

The Side Characters

The Crucible

Judges and Reverends Reverend John Hale- An expert on witchcraft called into town the younge girls of the town are caught doing voodoo. Reverend Parris- The churches minister. He is widely disliked for being power-hungry. Judge Danforth- The deputy gov. of Massachusets and the main judge of the witch trials. Judge Hathorne- A secondary judge to Danforth.

Other TownFolkRebecca and Francis Nurse- well respected, but still greatly disliked by the Putmans. Giles and Martha Corey. Thomas and Ann Putman- Disliked by most of the town, and attempts to use the trials to increase their power. Ann despises Rebecca due to jealousy over only having one living child. Ezekiel Cheever.Herrick.

The Original Accused Girls Betty- Reverend Parrris 10 year old daughter. Ruth Putnam- the only living Putnam child. Mary Warren- Servant of the Proctors. Mercy Lewis. Tituba- The slave of Reverend Parris. Is the preformer of voodoo.

Plot Summary



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