the crucible lit elements amlit answer key

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the crucible lit elements amlit answer key

L.E. #1: FoilExplanation: Abigail and Elizabeth are foils. They are the exact opposites of each other. While Abigail is cruel, manipulative and a liar, Elizabeth is kind, loving and faithful. Danforth and Hale are also foils. Danforth is rigid in his beliefs while Hale is able to change his and see through Abigail and the girls' charade.

Analyze Effectiveness of all 4Literary Elements: This is an opinion question. A good answer example: I think the literary devices used are effective. Using irony or foreshadowing, for example, helps a reader to see wherethe author may be going with an idea. A foil helps us understand a character's motivations better. Painting a vivid mood helps us imagine the setting.

L.E. #4: Irony: Explanation: There is irony in Elizabeth lying to the court. Sheuncharacteristicallylies,which she never does to protect herhusband--but her lying does the exact opposite of what she intends.

L.E. #2: ForeshadowingExplanation: On page 212: Proctor says his wife never lies. This foreshadows what will happen when Elizabeth does indeed commit perjury (to save her husband, she thinks) when questionedby the court.

The Crucible Literary



L.E. #3: MoodExplanation: The mood is of horror and foreboding. Hysteria has grown and the mood is VERY tense.




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