The Best Mobile Phone by Sladja and Milan

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The Best Mobile Phone by Sladja and Milan

We will compare these 3 mobile phones

Samsung screen is bigger than Sony. Iphone 7 screen is the biggest(5,5").Sony camera is better than Iphone. Sony camera is the best (23MP).Iphone processor is faster than Samsung. Sony processor is the fastest.Iphone 7 has the biggest memory. We decided to buy phone model Sony Xperia X because it has the best performance in relation to the price, only 100 €.

Iphone7 Price: 170 €

Sony Xperia XPrice: 100 €

Samsung Galaxy S7Price: 80 €

Samsung Galaxy S7 5.1” / 2560x1440 screen 12 MP / 5 MP camera Processor: Octa-core / 4 GB platform 32 GB memory

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB 5.5" / 1920x1080 screen 12 MP / 7 MP camera Processor: Quad-core / 3 GB platform 128 GB memory

Sony Xperia X 5" / 1920x1080 screen 23 MP / 13 MP camera Processor: Hexa-core / 3 GB platform 32 GB memory

The best mobile phone byMilan and Sladja



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