The Arctic Hare

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The Arctic Hare

the time to explore the cutest animal in the world!


What does an arctic hare eat?

Why does an arctic hare have camouflage?

The Arctic Hare

The food they eat is mostly willow - the leaves, shoots, bark and roots - and grasses, flowers, saxifrage and crowberry.

The arctic hare looks a lot different from the rabbits and hares that you see anywhere outside of the Arctic. In the summertime the arctic hare is brown with black flecks. This helps to camouflage it during the growing season. When the weather starts to change the arctic hare starts to change too. So that during the winter its coat is completely white. This change helps to protect it during the winter.

Lepus articus live in Canada and Greenland. Lepus othus lives only in Alaska. The arctic hare likes to live on the rocky slopes and upland tundra of the Arctic. They like to live in groups. They don't like to live in low places or wooded areas.

Arctic Hare Behaviour

What are the features of an arctic hare?

-Size: 22-28 in.-Weight: 9-12 lb.-Color: Brown in the summer, white in the winter. Ears tipped with black year round.-Distinguishing Characteristics: Short ears, and a fur coat that changes color with the seasons make the arctic and tundra hare special.-Breeding: Leverets born June thru July. Usually there are 4-8 in a litter. They are fully furred and have their eyes open.

The ears are so small to help keep the hare warm during the cold winters on the tundra. The small ears do not have a lot of area to have the blood vessels exposed to the cold so more heat is kept down in the body to help the hare stay warm.

Why are the ears of an arctic hare so short?



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