The Alchemyst Paperboy Report.

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The Alchemyst Paperboy Report.

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The book The Alchemyst by Michael Scott is a great book. Sophie and Josh, the main characters, are twins who are unwittingly pulled out of their normal life. Sophie and Josh are on the run from John Dee, an immortal who thinks that they are the “Twins of Destiny.” The immortal Nicholas Flamel helps them. Flamel is an alchemist who is also hunted by Dee for “The Codex,” a rare book with the power to create or destroy worlds. Flamel has guarded the Codex for centuries. Dee finally steals the Codex, but one of the twins steals the the most important part of the book, “The Final Summoning.” Flamel and the twins go on the run with the last pages of the Codex, and Dee goes on an epic chase to find them.

The AlchemystSecrets of the Immortal NicholasFlamelBy: Michael Scott



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