Texas Independence

by BrookeAnderson17
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Social Studies

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Texas Independence

Texas Independence

Santa Anna

General who won presidencyDeclared himself as dicatatorTook rights away from Texas

William Travis

Commander of the AlamoFought against Santa Anna

James Bowie

Knife fighterLeader of Texas revolutionPresent at Battle of Alamo

Davy Crockett

FrontiersmanFormer congressmanfrom Tennessee

Sam Houston

Former career ended by tradgey and alcoholismGeneral of all Texan forces

Battle of Alamo

Santa Anna's army arrived at San AntonioDefenders of the Alamo held out for 13 days Texians would rather give their lives than surrenderAlamo's defenders were commanded by James Bowieand William Travis


30,000 Texans demanded political and slavery rightsMexicans and Americans unite and fight Santa AnnaSanta Anna was caputred and forced to sign independence for TexasTexans get independence on March 2,1836



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